Interview of the Chief visionnary of Hoverboard : Greg Henderson

Les Connecté : How did the idea of creating the board came to you ?

Greg et Jill Henderson

Jill & Greg Henderson : Arx Pax created the hoverboard as a proof of concept of its Magnetic Field Architecture (MFA)™. Using a hoverboard to prove that hover technology has finally arrived seemed like the best way to share the news with the world. 1989 was the year that the Loma Prieta earthquake shook the Bay Area and caused significant damage. It was also the year that Back to the Future II came out and fans watched Marty McFly zip around on a hoverboard. As an architect seeking a solution for devastating earthquakes, Greg contemplated the possibility of using hover technology to hover structures on Mother Nature’s bad days. Arx Pax envisions the applications of hover technology to extend beyond the hoverboard to positively impact architecture, transportation, factory production and much more.

Les Connecté : Can you briefly explain the concept of your Hoverboard in simple terms ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : The hoverboard functions on the principles MFA (magnetic field architecture). It hovers over non-ferrous (ex. copper, aluminum) surfaces.


The current prototype includes four hover engines which induce an opposing magnetic field on a non-ferrous surface below, resulting in enough flux to keep the board and the rider hovering about one inch off the ground.

 Les Connecté : What’s the maximum weight your Hoverboard  can bear ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : The current hoverboard protoype weighs about 90 lbs and can bear an additional 300 lbs dynamic payload.

Les Connecté : Hoverboard needs an Hoverpark. What are the technical specificities of the Hoverpark ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : Any current skate park can be upgraded to a Hoverpark by simply resurfacing with a non-ferromagnetic conductive surface like copper or aluminum and still be skateable old school. Our vision is to have Hoverparks in every city and community.


Les Connecté : What technology do you still need in order to be able to fly the hoverboard on any surface ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : We are also investigating a number of low cost alternatives including conductive concrete, conductive polymers and really exciting materials like graphene. Because there is no contact between the hoverboard and the ground unlike existing pavement and roads, these surfaces can be use din the future to provide growing surfaces, think greenways rather than freeways.

Les Connecté : How did you fund the initial research and the creation of the first Hoverboard prototype ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : We self-funded initially and after depleting our savings received seed money from family and friends to whom we are eternally grateful.

Les Connecté : Why kickstarter ? Why go through that method instead of any another (traditional bank or else) ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : Crowdfunding via Kickstarter was the perfect platform to launch Arx Pax MFA technology via the Hendo hoverboard. We were able to reach out and create a community of supporters worldwide with hopes to realize the goal of co-creation on a global scale with our WhiteBox Developer Kit.

Les Connecté : What do you expect from kickstarter ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : Kickstarter gave us great exposure and, through the rewards system, brought us much needed development funds.

Les Connecté : The 11 orders of $ 10,000 Hoverboards have already been backed. Were you expecting such success ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : The initial 10 Hoverboards were snapped up in the first 24 hours. Naturally, we had no expectation of this type of success and were simply amazed and are grateful for the support.

Les Connecté : What will you propose to the people who weren’t able to buy a Hoverboard on KickStarter ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : Stay Tuned! We are working virtually round the clock in our efforts to prototype and advance our technology and bring hoverboards to our supporters as quickly and cost effectively as possible.

Les Connecté : How have you scheduled the commercial release ?

Jill & Greg Henderson : We hope to have the first hoverboards commercially available by October 21, 2015 and the Whitebox developer kits are scheduled to ship in late August of 2015.

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