Stephane Diner – A fighter pilot in digital technology and Internet of Things

Stephane Diner or how to successfully career change to digital technology after being a fighter pilot

Stéphane Diner, co-founder of Wezr , has thrown himself into a French Tech challenge.  He was a fighter pilot for the French Air Force for more than 20 years.  When you know the characteristics of his connected sensor, you can easily understand the link between both spheres.

He will now tell us about his new challenge with the French Tech.

Les Connecté : Can you tell us who you are ?

Stéphane Diner : I was a fighter pilot for the French Air Force for 25 years.  I lived my passion for 25 years as I flew a Mirage 2000 aircraft.  I was mainly assigned Air Defense of our country as well as missions abroad.  I met Vincent Crosnier at that time.  We founded Wezr together.  Then I became an instructor for younger pilots.

Stéphane Diner Wezr

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I left the Air Force a few weeks ago as it was time for retirement.  This gave me the opportunity to think of what I could do next, to take up a new challenge.

I’ve also loved windsurfing and kitesurfing for a long time.

 Les Connecté : Why have you thrown yourself into this Wezr challenge with Vincent Crosnier?

Stéphane Diner : We have been aware of the importance of weather conditions for a very long time.  As fighter pilots, the first thing we did in the morning was seeking information about the weather.  It had to be as accurate as possible and it could be paramount!

I needed the same precise and reliable weather forecasts for my leisure activity but none of the products on the market were meeting the requirements.  Despite the recent and numerous weather stations of all kinds or the many weather forecast apps, we still had data that lacked accuracy and reliability!

I have often driven to the shore to indulge in Kite surfing and I was assured that the conditions would be perfect but only to find too much / too little wind or that it was raining.

Then, we developed an Android app called « Check & Share ».  it was a weather community network we could feed with weather conditions and via which we could send messages to our fellow kite surfers.

Les Connecté : What does the Wezr sensor provide that ordinary weather stations or smartphone apps don’t?

Stéphane Diner : the problem with the weather forecasts we have today is that they are not updated often enough -every 6 hours.  Within that period of time, some atmospheric conditions can change and therefore give a less accurate forecast.

That’s why we have decided to share, combine and process several kinds of data to provide accurate and reliable data.

We have called on scientists’ services to create an algorithm that will process the data according to what a weather-addict needs for his outdoor activities.  An expert in the atmosphere science assisted them so as to sharpen the data processing.

algorithme Wezr

 Indeed, when the weather bulletin reports that the Hérault department will be very sunny with a few clouds in the afternoon, you get no information about the precise weather conditions in Espiguette or Maguelonne at 4,30 or 5,15 PM.

Les Connecté : What is the sensor used for ?

Stéphane Diner : In fact, the sensor houses 3 sensors that measure air pressure, air humidity and temperature.  The measurements are then combined with the algorithm that will update the weather data and compute forecasts as close as possible to the reality.  Updates and adjustments will be made every five minutes instead of every 6 hours.

capteur Wezr

Thanks to the sensor, they are adjusted depending on your precise geographical position (using the smartphone’s GPS system to which the sensor is connected via Bluetooth).  The weather conditions displayed are not those of a large area but those of the precise location you want to know.

Les :  Kickstarter’s campaign has started.  How do you feel?

Stéphane Diner : I feel great. It has started really well. We are getting excellent feedback.  Every day, new fans are joining our community.  They are excited about our new project and product.  We are surrounded with a community following us since the very beginning of Wezr.

This is the beginning of a great adventure with new challenges.

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